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  Last Updated on 07/13/2018

Bridges4Kids/Early On Review: Tiny Ears Compilation CD


Reviewed By: Jackie D. Igafo-Teo
Review Date: January 1, 2004
Running Time: 55 minutes; 99 tracks
Description: Tiny Ears is a unique compilation CD of educational, developing, entertaining and soothing sounds for infants and small children. It is the ideal travel and home companion for busy moms and inquisitive infants. Based on scientific research, this unique CD is specifically designed to bring the world of sounds to your baby in the most enchanting way.
For More Information: Visit http://www.tinyears.com or call 1-888-202-3949.
Unlike most CDs for children, this one is unique in that the sounds are stimulating and curious. The tracks flow from one to the next with smooth precision; the quality is second-to-none. Your child is sure to be stimulated by the many sounds of nature including birds, wind and waves or by the chimes and whistles that dot the tracks unexpectedly. Mixed in with the natural sounds are clips of classical masterpieces and laughter. I found myself enveloped in the sound. Infants and small children will surely be attracted to this compilation of sound. Older children will have fun guessing what the sounds are or will join in on the infectious laughter.

Another Review: "I have tried the CD with two families and the children & parents loved it! The babies looked around at each of the different sounds and seemed to especially enjoy the baby sounds. One baby really perked up at the oriental-style music. The track with the scratching sound lost both children's interest. Both families have asked me to find out how to purchase it." Mary Rickard, Genesee County





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